Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update


A huge hello to all of our 2021 Guests!

Here in the rarefied air of Roshven it can usually be easy to forget what is going on elsewhere in the world (that is often why you love to visit) however these are unprecedented times! Please be assured that if you do/are able to come and visit we have more than maintained our extremely robust regime of cleanliness.

We will of course let you know if we or any other guest has been poorly and in this event we will have to reconsider whether you should stay around those dates; however we understand that this might not be enough and in deed Government legislation may over-ride every plan we have anyway. So, anyone that is concerned please get in touch with Brenda and she will help you to re-book for a later 2021 date or even into 2022 with no difference to the price; unless its for a cheaper week (obviously!!!)...................... winter can be lovely too you know!!!!

We obviously do want to see you and want you to enjoy the fresh air, peace and quiet and come and be rested but we know that for many these are challenging times and that the option to visit at your chosen date is not going to exist. We hope to see you in the future and wish you all a healthy and safe time in all of this turbulence.

Any bookings taken will be fully refunded or moved to a different date if preferred;  in the case of either the Government saying travel/holidays can't go ahead and also in the event that the group aren't able to come due to a member being ill or suspecting Covid-19 or still getting over it.



Update - 17th March 2021:

Great news from yesterday's Scottish Government announcement:
From 26th April single Scottish households can travel and stay in Scotland from the 26th of April if the improvements in the Covid situation continue.


An email will be sent to all guests regarding their visit two weeks prior to arrival, and this should answer most questions. Guests will be asked to complete a pre-arrival registration form so that we are covered for both Insurance & any necessary track & trace.  You're most welcome to contact us regarding any other query that isn't covered in the email.



Tim & Siggy